New cichlid room Is open


We started a new cichlid room the start of this year.

We have had a few problems and it’s taken a while to get it sorted. But we will be opening it soon.

There will be 40 new tanks, that will have a mixture of cichlids in it, Malawi, South American, Central American, Tanganyikin, and dwarf cichlids.

As we are just starting out there may not be many cichlids what people are after,

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How can we help?

Over the past few months a few customers have been enquiring about certain products that don’t appear on our website. Such as gravel, sand and rocks.

We stock these in store but unfortunately they cannot be purchased online, however as of February 2017 we will be offering a click and collect service on these items plus many more. We will keep you updated when this service goes live through our email newsletter.

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We are proud to be part of OATA

Ornamental aquatic trade association (OATA) is the only organisation in the UK that strives to promote and safeguard the future of the entire UK ornamental aquatics industry.

They have been involved in many projects one recently was the “hands of my hobby” campaign. This campaign helped to keep the fish industry alive.

They also provide us with information leaflets and posters so we can provide them to you, our customers,

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New fish on sale.

New fish in and on sale Friday 17th

Tropical Fish 

Black tail top red platy

Assorted hi-fin platy

Pearl gourami

Small neon tetra

Clown loach 1.5 inch

Bronze Cory

Peppered Cory

Albino Cory

Neon jewel cichlids

Hi-fin Zebra danio

Head and tail light tetra

puntius denisonii barb


L187B striped bull dog Plecs 5-6 cm

Cherry shrimp

Pictures of the new fish are available to view on our Facebook page


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Postage and packaging.

We have been asked about our postage time when ordering on our website

If you order anything with us, it’s free postage and packaging on orders over £10.00. However we do not actually deliver items ourselves. We post items off with Royal Mail.

Usually we post them off the day or sometimes the day after your order ( obviously it depends if it’s on weekends or bank holidays ) and we find that postage takes 2 working days to get to you.

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Never use fresh tap water.

Never use fresh tap water.
Always leave tap water standing for at least 24 hours with a tap safe treatment ( dechlorinator ) before putting it in to your tank.
Chlorine and chloramine that is in our tap water is bad for your fish and for your biological filter.

If you do not use tap safe ( dechlorinators ) then leave the tap water to stand for at three days before using it.

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Join Our Mailing List

We now have a monthly newsletter!

If you wish to join in please email us your email address and we can add you to our mailing list. In the emails you will find some information on what we have in stock, what we sell, helpful tips and also some special offers which are only available through the web mailing lists.

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Ravens Rescue UK

Sedgley Road Aquarium support Ravens Rescue UK.

Ravens Rescue UK is a fully vet supported registered charity that was founded to help the ever increasing number of pets that find themselves in need of rescue.

They are a group who have dedicated and experienced volunteers who give round the clock support and medical care to help animals.

They are always looking for support,

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Charity Runs 2017 Cancer research.

Manager Lizz Whitehouse has run the Birmingham marathon for Cancer research.

Lizz has done two runs this year she did the Birmingham Black Country half marathon in July 2017 and the Birmingham marathon in October.

She has completed both, she ran her first ever marathon. And she seems to have caught the bug as she is planning on running another one next year

She has managed to raise nearly £700 for Cancer Research UK.

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Koi Krazy Facebook Page

If you love koi or are just crazy about your pond then check out this page on facebook.

There are people on there who have ponds them self and can give you advice and helpful tips on anything ponds and koi related.

Check out there page by clicking HERE



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My favourite fish shop EVER! They stock excellent
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