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New Fish Stock

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New fish due in this week and on sale Saturday 14th December 

Tropical fish

Fire/ ember tetra

Blue dwarf gourami ( males )

Red dwarf gourami ( males )

Dwarf gourami ( males )

Green tiger barbs small

Cherry barbs

Clown barbs

Balloon molly

Neon spotted molly

Metallic blue Male guppy

Vareigated Male guppy

Sanke koi swords

Sunset wag platy

Pictus cats

Asian glass catfish


Silver sharks


Firemouth cichlids

Astatheros rostratus

yellow banded Acara

Apistogramma njesseni

Apistogramma bitaeniata wild


Astatheros alfrai

Betta ( fighters )

Super delta Male Betta

Full moon double tail male betta


Sunkist shrimp

Bamboo shrimp

Black rili shrimp

Blood red shrimp

Temperate fish

Assorted oranda 5-6 inch

Calico Ryukin 4 inch

Calcio oranda 2-3 inch

Chocolate oranda 2-3 inch


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By far the BEST aquatics around. Great choice of
tanks, fish and accessories, also great knowledgeable
staff, love this place

An amazing place to visit. The fish where lovely
and a very wide variety, the staff where friendly
and very helpful. I would recommend sedgley road
aquarium to anyone!!

This is a very well presented store, a lot bigger than it looks on the outside and very reasonably priced!! The fish are also in the best condition I’ve seen from any aquatics store in the area.

Brilliant staff with expert advice. Its a great local business and I have recommended sedgley road aquarium to all my friends and family.

My favourite fish shop EVER! They stock excellent
quality fish as well as tank plants, great tanks, tank
accessories, fish food, and whatever else you could
possibly need for your aquarium.

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