The Archer Fish is also known as the Banded Archer Fish

There maximum size is 30 cm / 12 inches. They are best kept in water parameters of Ph range 7.0-8.0,  temperature range of about 22-27 °C / 72-82 °F.

The archer fish has a triangular shaped body that is primarily silver in colour. They are usually not to aggressive but as they have such big mouths they can try and eat anything small, so really they are best kept with bigger fish.

These fish have the remarkable ability to spit water at insects above the water, with amazing accuracy. Even more remarkable is the ability to compensate for the visual distortion that the water’s surface causes.
It is reported that these fish can spit at a target as far as 5 feet away.

Archer fish are a brackish water fish, so they do require aquarium salt in the water. We recommend testing your salt levels before adding the archer fish in to your tanks.