Betta splendens – known as simply the Betta, or Siamese fighting fish.

This is a fish that has been kept by aquarists for decades, offered in a huge range of forms. Males are the most commonly offered, with them not tolerating other males except for very specific scenarios. It is absolutely recommended against mixing males in all but the largest of tanks, absolutely filled with plants. It will most likely always end up with one or more sustaining serious damage or death.

One of, if not the most commonly fish we get asked for in various forms, the Betta is a truly beautiful fish that are commonly given a bad rep. Research on the individual needs dictates that they do not enjoy active tanks. High flow will tire them out and can lead to early death due to exhaustion. When kept singly, with small rasbora and Pygmy species of catfish they are much more at home and thrive. Plenty of plants, slow flow and tannins is perfect. Aim for 20L as an absolute minimum, smaller is not safe and we recommend against keeping them in jars. This is old practice which is not sustainable without constant water changes and careful monitoring. A properly filtered aquarium should be offered to any fish and Betta splendens is not exempt from this.

Water parameters should be around neutral in pH, if not slightly acidic. Water temperature can be varied, but stability is key. We keep ours at 24c.

Females are kept away from males, except for spawning and breeding projects when they are introduced and carefully monitored, this can go wrong very quickly so it is wise to avoid leaving them together for too long unsupervised.

When kept in a sorority, females can work very well alongside eachother in a suitably sized tank and when offered plenty of plants to act as a break in the line-of-sight. Open tanks will not work with female Betta. Tanks mates can include Khuli loach, or other smaller peaceful loach species, harlequin rasbora and similar tempered tetra work well, but be sure to monitor any tetra, they can nip at long fins.

Tannins are very much beneficial to Betta species, tannins released by various woods, cones or leaves offer a few benefits.

The darkening of the water increases a sense of security for the fish, allowing them to fully settle and exhibit much more natural behaviour.
Tannins reduce or totally remove the chances of fungal spores taking hold, this is particularly useful with the longer fins of many varieties of Betta splendens.
The addition of tannins helps to soften water, again very much beneficial for species of the Betta genus.

We offer a small range of tannins, and the inexpensive nature really makes it so simple to get your chosen Betta thriving. Click HERE to view our tannins.

The above advice is current advice, much has changed in regards to keeping Betta splendens, even in the past decade or so.

Another careful consideration is food. Betta have a very small stomach, so offering small amounts of foods twice a day is the best course of action. Always offer a dedicated Betta food.

Males start from £5 per fish, and we offer an extensive range sourced from the U.K., Holland and Thailand. We have a dedicated block of 20 individual Male Betta tanks, as well as a further 20 carefully added to other stock tanks.

Females are offered in a range of forms, we can carry anywhere between 2-6 forms sourced from the same sources.

An example of forms offered by us:

Super delta
Double tail
Half moon
Full moon
Dragon/rose tail
Crown tail
Plakaat inc. gold, dragon, jet black, candy cane koi and many more, directly imported from Thailand.

Here are some examples of the Betta we have had in stock


Female Betta