Megalechis thoracata common name port hoplo catfish.

They can grow up to 15 cm / 6 inches fully grown. They are best kept in water parameters of Ph range 6.0-8.0, temperatures of 23- 28 Celsius / 73-82 °F.

The hoplo cats can be kept on there own or in small groups. On there own they can hide a lot so in smaller groups can be better to bring them out, as they are a playful catfish. As they are a cat fish, they like to hide a lot and usually just come out for food, So providing them with hiding places is good for them. Its not so good for you as you may not see them a lot.
They are not aggressive but mixing them with medium to larger size fish is better, as if they are hungry they can try and eat smaller fish.

They are a bottom feeding and dwelling fish, so feeding them sinking food is best. Catfish pellets or sinking granular foods, also a treat of frozen or live foods always good for them.