Our cichlid room opened almost 2 years back and we’ve already offered a range of cichlids rarely seen locally and nationally.

We have 36 tanks full of cichlids in one room, with a further 15 bigger tanks in the room before.

Our stock of cichlids changes weekly so to keep up to date, check out our full fish list. 

We also post updates on Cichlid stock via social media, with detailed care info being posted sporadically. If you’re after specific fish, please get in touch. We do our best to get in lesser seen species and offer fish not often offered.

John, aka our Cichlid man, has been keeping cichlids for years and can offer detailed care on all species offered, having kept a huge range of cichlids himself.

As well as the cichlids, this room is also a tank show room so we have a variety of fish tanks on show.