Ide fish or Orfe is there more common name live in water parameters of PH range 7.0-8.0 and temperatures of 55-79 °F.

Orfe can grow up to 16 inches fully grown and are peaceful pond members that will mix with all pond fish. There are different colours available in orfe, golden orfe and blue orfe.

They are very quick moving and so they do need a good open area of space. They are more of a shoeling fish so being in small groups is better for them.

They mainly eat of the bottom of the ponds, but they will eat from anywhere they can find food. Feeding them sinking foods is best. They do like frozen or live foods which in ponds can be found naturally.

But must be fed with lower protein foods during the winter as they can not digest high protein foods in colder water. So wheat germ based food is best in winter.