Xiphophorus maculatus common name platys.

They usually grow up to 4-5 cm / 2 inches fully grown. They are best kept in water parameters Ph range of 7.0-8.0, and temperatures from 19-25 Celcius / 66-77 ° F.

The platy fish is classed as a tropical fish, however they can tolerate cooler temperatures. We find they are better suited to warmer temperatures.
They come in such a wide variety of colours like, orange, red, white, blue. There are so many different mixtures with names like wag tail, tuxedo, glow light, this is just to name a few there are plenty more.
Platy fish are a peaceful and easy to care for fish, this makes them a good fish for beginners. There fine on there own or in groups and mix well in community fish tanks.

Platy  are a live bearing fish and can breed regular, usually once a month. We recommend mixing more females to males if you want a variety of them. To sex these fish you have to look at there bottom fin the anal fin. With males the bottom fin called the gonopodium is straight and a little clamped and close to the body, in females its more like a fin shape and is more fanned out. This is how you tell the sex on most live bearing fish. With platys we recommend using aquarium salt in your water with the platy, so its best to check your salt levels before introducing these in to your tank.

There not fussy eaters so flake, pellets, and granular foods are fine for them. But a little bit of freeze dried, frozen or live foods are a nice treat.