Pseudotropheus cichlid is a type of Malawi cichlid from Lake Malawi in Eastern Africa.

They prefer PH ranges of 7.5-8.5, and temperatures of 24-28 celcius. They can grow up to 5-6 inches fully grown, depending on the type of Pseudotropheus cichlid

There is a wide variety of types and colours of these fish, there are blue colours, yellow and white.

These type of cichlids are a bottom dwearling cichlid. They like rocks and caves to hide in. They are aggressive so they do need to be mixed with other aggressive fish. They are good in groups as they are a playful fish. But they do need to be kept well fed as they will attack one another if hungry.

As the Pseudotropheus cichlids like more alckaline PH it’s wise to try and up the PH a little by adding ocean rock. A small piece of ocean rock won’t up the PH much but a few pieces will. And as they are a bottom rock dwelling fish the ocean rock is good for them to hide in.

we are starting to stock a few different types of the Pseudotropheus cichlids