Razor back musk turtles scientific name is Sternotherus carinatus.

These turtles are a smaller growing turtle they only grow up to 5 – 6 inches fully grown, unlike other turtles that can grow up to 10 inches. They do like warmer water, temperatures of 73 – 80 Fahrenheit / 23 – 27 Celsius.
Unlike other turtles the razor back musk turtles can actually mix with fish. They can mix with bigger tropical fish but they do need to be kept well fed as if they get hungry they can eat fish that can fit in there mouths. We would recommend not mixing them with neon tetras or any smaller fish, but platy size and above you should be ok with.
We can not guarantee they wont eat your fish, so we do recommend feeding them a good diet of dry sinking foods like the jmc catfish pellets, or tetra prima. Also they love live brine shrimp, they will have live or frozen blood worm, frozen mussels which these are something a bit bigger for them. We do recommend you thaw the food out for them. You can also feed them food of your plate, like ham, chicken, prawns, crab sticks. We do say feed this food sparingly as it can turn your water off in your tank, or take the turtle out of the tank and try to hand feed it separately to get the turtle more tame and use to you.

They are a shy turtle, they do like to try and hide, so giving them places to hide in is a good idea to keep them happy and less shy. However do be very careful as if they get in to some where to hide and get stuck, they can drown as they do need to get to the surface every now and then to take in air.
Something near the surface for them to hold on to and stick there heads out of the water is helpful so they can actually rest at the surface and take in air.
They are not a basking turtle, they will come out the water every now and then but not for long as they do prefer to stay in the water.