The red claw crab is best kept in tropical tanks. They do need a dry area to sit out of the water.

There maximum size is 4.5 cm/2 inches. They are best kept in water parameters of Ph range 6.5- 7.5, temperature range 24-29 °C / 75-85 °F.

The red claw crab is something different to add in to your tropical fish tanks.
They are very good at escaping however, so we do recommend that you cover every escape root.
They fed of the bottom of the tank, so sinking food is best. They need meat in there diet so live or frozen foods are good for them.
Mixing them with fish however is hit and miss.
We do say do not mix them with any other bottom feeding fish, or small fish as if they get hungry they can and will go after your fish so keeping them well fed is a good idea.

Every so often they shed there skin, they shed it hole. When they shed there skin they are really delicate for a few days after so keep your eye on them. They go off there food for a few days and this is a sign they are getting ready to shed. They will eat there skin as its a good nutrition for them. They shed there skin to help them grow.
Check out the You Tube clip of one eating its shed skin.