Trichogaster microlepis common name silver or moonlight gouramie.

They grow up to 18 cm / 7 inches fully grown. They are best kept in water parameters of PH range 6.5-7.5, and temperatures of 24-29 Celsius / 76-84°F.

The silver or moon light gouramie are known to be timid and should be kept with non aggressive fish. However in our experience we would recommend not mixing them with really small community fish, as although they can be timid they can still try to fit smaller fish in there mouths. They are better kept in pairs or small groups. To sex them is easy, the males have the longer pointed dorsal fin, and the females have a shorter rounder dorsal fin.

They like a flake food, pellet, and granular foods. They will also like a treat of freeze dried, frozen or live foods.