Xiphophorus helleri common name swordtail fish are a popular community tank fish.

They can grow up to 10 cm / 4 inches. They live in water parameters of PH range 7.0-8.3, temperatures of 21-28 Celsius / 70-82 °F.

The swordtail fish is just the same as the platy fish, its just the males get a sword on there back fin and hey can grow a little bigger than the platy fish.
The swordtail fish are available in a few assortments of colours.

They are not an aggressive fish, however the males can be when they are breeding. They are a live bearing fish so it is best and having extra females to males, this can help calm the males down a little. To sex these fish you have to look at there bottom fin the anal fin. With males the bottom fin called the gonopodium is straight and a little clamped and close to the body, in females its more like a fin shape and is more fanned out. This is how you tell the sex on most live bearing fish. Also with the sword tail fish, the males also have the sword on there tail.
The swordtail fish do like a little bit of aquarium salt added in to the water, so we recommend testing slat levels before adding them in to your tank.

They eat small pellets, granular, and flake foods. Also a treat for freeze dried, frozen or live food is always good for them.