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New fish in and on sale Friday 14th December 

Tropical fish

Panda cory

sterbae cory

Silver dollar 2-2.5 inch

Cardinal tetra Jumbo size

Assorted Male guppy

Black Male guppy

Black molly

Green sailfin molly

Red rainbows 3 inch

Reed fish

Glass bloodfin tetra

Small neon tetra

Purple harlequins

Botia kobutai

Hilstream loach


Elephant ear female fighters

Suoer delta female fighters

Super delta male fighters

Double tail male fighters


Armoured shrimps

Mountain shrimp

Orange rili shrimp

Orange pumpkin shrimp

Cherry shrimp

Red rili shrimp


Crenicichla regani 2.5-3 inch

Cold water

Black moor 2 inch

Panda oranda 3.5 inch