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New fish in and on sale Friday 22nd February 

Tropical fish

Green tiger barbs 2.5 inch

Hi-fin rosy barbs

Odessa brabs

Bloodred dwarf gourami pairs

Neon blue dwarf gourami pairs

Snakeskin gourami 3 inch

Black Khuli loach

Assorted hi-fin platy

Red spotted platy

Neon sunset platy

Red eye tetra

Small neon tetra

Spotted Head standers

Blind Cave Tetra fish 2.5 inch

Red crabs

Rainbow blue eye Gertrudae

Black tiger Dario ( Badis Sp )

Brochus cory 2 inch

Cory schwartzi 2-2.5 inch

Cory Sterbae

Assorted female guppy

Blue Lyertail Male guppy

Comet gold swordtails

Harlequin rasbora

Bulldog Plecs 2.5- 3 inch

Clown loach 2 inch

Mottled wood catfish

Rainbow Snakeheads 4 inch

Polypterus endlicheri 4 inch

synodontis petricola

Hill stream loach


Superdelta female fighters

Superdelta male fighters

Double tail male fighters

Koi male fighters


Jewel cichlids 3 inch

Electric blue rams

Euro Rams

Red spotted gold severums 3-3.5 inch

Red tiger Oscars 1.5-2 inch

Pseudotropheus Demasonii cichlids 2-2.5 inch

Pseudotropheus elongates 2-2,5 inch

Pseudotropheus crabro nakantenga 2-2.5 inch

Cynotilapia Agra White top 2-2.5 inch

Cold water fish

Blue oranda 2-3 inch

High grade red cap oranda 2-3 inch