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New fish due in, and on sale Saturday 19th October 

Tropical fish

Endler female guppy

Assorted hi fin platy

Assorted Mickey Mouse platy

Neon sunset wag platy

Blue tuxedo platy

Sunset platy

Red sported platy

Green copper sailfin molly

Serpae tetra

Black widow tetra

Rosy tetra

Diamnod tetra

Flame diamond tetra

Rummy nose tetra

Neon tetra – small/ medium

Flame pink salmon tetra

Tiger barbs

Khuli Loach

Assorted female guppy

Metallic blue Male guppy

Metallic pink Male guppy

Metallic Red Male guppy

Dalmation molly

Silver molly

Red robin gourami

Marble hatchets


Albino ruby sharks

Golden White Cloud Mountain minnow

Cory punctatus


Super delta female fighters

Half moon female fighters

Super delta Tri colour male fighters

Full moon double tail male fighters

Shrimps and snails 

Red crystal shrimp

Cherry shrimp

Bamboo shrimp

Black and white crystal shrimp

Red rili shrimp

Cold water

Tri colour Panda oranda – 2.5-3 inch / 4-5 inch

Black moor – 4 inch

Calico ryukin – 4 inch

Assorted oranda – 1-2 inch

Blue oranda – 2 inch