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New fish in and on sale Friday 10th / Saturday 11th April

Tropical fish 

Assorted female guppy

Metallic yellow Male guppy

Snow White male guppy

Pink crescent Male guppy

Black Male guppy

Dalmatian molly

Black molly

Clown loach 2 inch

Reed fish

Blue dwarf gourami ( Males )

Red dwarf gourami ( Males )

Gold sucking loach

Hi-fin zebra danio

Rainbow platy

Neon sunset wag platy

Small neon tetra

Assorted sailfin molly


Super delta Male Fighters

Full moon Double tail male fighters

Dumbo female fighters


Blue Cherry shrimp

Pearl blue shrimps

Sunkist shrimp


Pseudotropheus demasoni 2 inch

Pseudotropheus red orange blotch – 2 inch

Veiltail angels 3 inch

Cold water

Assorted oranda 5 inch

Calico oranda 2-3 inch

Pond fish

Golden orfe 2-3 inch

Blue orfe 2-3 inch

Assorted koi 4-5 inch

Red comets 1-2 inch