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New fish in and on sale Saturday 15th June 

Tropical fish

LDA144 blue eye lemon ancistrus – 2 inch

Small neon tetra

Black phantom tetra

Assorted female guppy

Pink crescent Male guppy

Black molly

Dalmation molly

Black Cory


Giant otocinclus

Harlequin rasbora


Tiger black shrimp

Red crystal shrimp

Blue cherry shrimp


Assorted angels – 2-3 inch

Red spotted gold severums – 4 inch

Cold water

Black lion head ranchu – 2-3 inch

Red and black oranda 2-3 inch

Pond fish

Assorted koi B 4-5 inch

Jet Black comets – 2-3 inch

Sarasa comets – 3-4 inch

Grey starlets – 5-6 inch