As of Monday 1-6-2020 we will be opening the shop to the public and letting customers back into the shop. But we are going to set a few strict rules.

We will obviously be following the safe distance rule of 2 metres. So we ask please keep your distance from our staff and other customers.
If we see people not following this we will ask you to keep your distance.
For us to still keep up with our jobs and keep the safe distance, we are limiting the amount of people in at one time.

We will only allow 2 people from the same household in, if you can come alone it would be better.
No children under the age of 16 will be allowed in, so please don’t come as a family. You will not all be allowed in as a group, and again no children are allowed in the shop at this time.

And please please don’t just come to the shop for a look, or something to do. We are allowing people in to look at the fish and buy. But not people who are coming to just browse.

We will ask you at the door before coming in, what it is you are looking for.
Whether it be tropical fish, cold water, tanks and any equipment you are after we will tell you where to go.
We ask that you look around, following the safe distance from staff and other customers, when you are ready to be served, come to the counter and stand in the squares by the counter. And we will get you served.
You can not pick your fish sadly. As to pick fish, we would have to stand right next to you. So you will have to wait at the counter whilst we catch your fish.

If we get busy mainly over the weekend, we will have to probably issue time limits for people to look around the shop.
We do obviously want to talk to customers and help people with advice, but we do have to try and serve everyone. And make sure safe distance is still followed. So time limits, we think, is the best way not to keep people standing outside waiting. Again we do obviously want to stand and chat. But at busy times it may not be possible to talk for long times.

We can still serve customers at the door and deal with car park sales, like we have been doing for the last few weeks, if you didn’t want to come in the shop.

If you don’t want to follow these rules then sadly you won’t be allowed into the shop.
If you don’t follow the rules whilst inside the shop you will be told.

We do understand that this is a pain at the moment. But we do want to keep our staff and customers safe, so please do respect these rules we have set.
And we can hopefully work together to keep going and keep safe.
We will keep you updated of any changes.

Thank you for your patience at this time.