At Sedgley Road Aquarium we carry a wide range of plants for indoor tanks and outdoor ponds.

The plants for outdoor ponds are found on the ground floor, through the back pond fish room, out side. We usually have a large selection of marginal plants, in different size pots, and we also have a variety of different coloured lily’s, oxygen plants, and floating plants.

The marginal and lily plants are in baskets ready to just place in your pool. We stock pond baskets, pond soil, and hessian squares for re-potting your pond plants.
However we only stock pond plants in the spring and summer months. 

The plants for indoor tropical and cold water tanks are found in the tropical fish room on the first floor. We have 5 free standing plant tanks in the middle of the tropical fish room and one other tank in the back tropical fish room.

In the five free standing plant tanks we have a mixture of bunched and potted plants for indoor fish tanks. There are low growing plants and taller back ground plants, so there is a nice mixture for cold water and tropical tanks

In the middle tropical fish room we have a mixture of woods in various sizes with plants attached; these would make lovely features in any tank. Also in this middle room we now stock plants fertilisers and food.

Plants add oxygen in to your water during the day, so for wild life ponds with no pumps, or filters, plants are very good to have in to try an help the water.

Plants need looking after, they do require light and food to help them grow. We carry a range of different plant substrates that you can use to help protect the plants roots to keep them healthy and help them grow. We also have chemical and tablet foods to feed your plants. Plants are edible, some fish do enjoy them in there diet, so adding a bunch in to your tank can be a nice treat for certain fish.

You can either message us or pop in to the shop and see what plants we have in stock. If we don’t have the plants you were looking for, let us know and we can see if we can get them in for you.

Check out below our list of new plants coming in this week.


Check out our YouTube channel, we post videos of the new plants weekly

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By far the BEST aquatics around. Great choice of
tanks, fish and accessories, also great knowledgeable
staff, love this place.


An amazing place to visit. The fish where lovely
and a very wide variety, the staff where friendly
and very helpful. I would recommend sedgley road
aquarium to anyone!!

This is a very well presented store, a lot bigger than it looks on the outside and very reasonably priced!! The fish are also in the best condition I’ve seen from any aquatics store in the area.

Brilliant staff with expert advice. Its a great local business and I have recommended sedgley road aquarium to all my friends and family.

My favourite fish shop EVER! They stock excellent
quality fish as well as tank plants, great tanks, tank
accessories, fish food, and whatever else you could
possibly need for your aquarium.

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