Sedgley road aquarium was established in 1968 by my Nan and grandad.
55 years ago this year.
They started as a wholesalers first, in a little house over the road from where we are now. They supplied many of the aquatic shops that were around back in those days. The old shop has long gone and is where the Woodsetton coop stands today. They then decided the travelling was a little to much and turned it in to a shop.

My dad ( Keith ) and my mom ( Ann ) decided to buy the shop from my Nan and grandad ( as my Nan and grandad wanted to retire ) and my dad decided to make a bigger premises, so they decided to build the building where we are today.

Many years later we have made a a lot of changes along the way, had a few different staff, but us as a family remain the same, now in our 3rd generation.

Me and my sister was working here whilst we was at school for extra pocket money, I then started full time in 2001 a few years after I finished school.
The shop is still my mom and dads shop and I’m pretty sure it always will be, they will never leave it behind.
But after 55 years, a lot of hard work and a lot of love have gone in to this shop,  it’s hard to leave it behind.

We are not the biggest or the best shop in the world, we don’t pretend to be.
But we will keep plodding along finding our way though all of the ups and downs.
We just hope you keep joining us.

From Lizz
Shop Manager